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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee

I was a little surprised I was chosen to be a participant in Springs Creative's Virtual Quilting Guild.  I was extremely happy that I could have this opportunity to learn.  I made a quilt. Well, I am working on a quilt.  The top is pinned to the backing and ready for the quilting.  It is simply squares of material.  I didn't have a pattern; I just kept putting squares together until I got it the size I wanted.  Currently, I have been practicing free motion quilting so I can actually put it together myself.  That is for another day.

I received my blocks and instructions in the mail, but I wouldn't even open it until I could sit down and work.  I'm a little OCD, so I knew I would try to tackle it all in one sitting.  I was almost right.

Springs Creative fabric and quilt instructions
I read the instructions many times before I even thought about cutting it.  I cheated on my square when I was cutting.  I put clear tape (with a little medical paper tape on the edge for easy removal) on my square so I wouldn't misread it and cut it wrong.

After cutting them out, I started on the half square triangles.  These were easier than I thought.
I have a Janome 3160 QDC
I put the two faces together and pinned them.  Then, I drew a line down the diagonal with my disappearing ink pen.  That thing still amazes me. :)  I stitched a 1/4" seam on each side of the line.  After that, I cut them apart on the line (that was trying to disappear on me so I had to work fast).

Sewing them made little dog ears on each side so I had to trim them off after pressing it open.

This is what my half square triangles looked like when I finished them.
 I then laid out my pattern.  I actually have two blocks stacked on top of each other in this picture, since I was doing two, it was easier to lay the second one out on top of my first, instead of having to refer back to the picture each time.
 Here's my first block sewn together and the second block with only the rows sewn together.
 Here's where I completed both blocks.  I am excited about getting the next fabric in!
I need to say again... This is the first time I have done a project like this.  I am a newbie.  Springs Creative has made this easy!  Using my Janome is like "Sewing for Dummies" too.  You tell it what stitch to use and it tells you what foot to put on. :)  I think one of my favorite features is that it will cut your thread... PRESTO!

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