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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worm Composting

I hate tossing everything in the trash.  How wasteful is that??  My grandmother had this saying, "Willful wastes make woeful want."  I was an adult when I finally discovered the true meaning of that. Although using a worm composter isn't quite willfully wasting stuff, it does help turn the bad into good.

I have an indoor compost bin that I truly adore (if you can adore something like that.) Worms eat my junk mail, my table scraps (except for oils, meats and dairy) and the stuff I empty from my dust pan after sweeping. When I use my dryer on rainy days, I even feed them my dryer lint. If you're interested, I have the Worm Factory from Cascade Worm Bins.  Currently, this is what I am using, although I do want to venture out into something bigger that can be supported by my family of four.

I harvest the tea for my indoor plants and use the compost in the garden. My worms even eat my scrapbook waste paper!

I usee Uncle Jim's Worm Farm to purchase my starter worms.

I compost with red worms. I prefer buying local, but we don't have any red worm bulk suppliers in my area.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Flew Over The Chicken's Nest

I've always loved animals. Over my lifetime, I've had every pet I could have ever wanted.  Besides the typical dogs and cats, I've had a horse, goats, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, a skunk (yes, you read that right), snakes (actually my brother's), hamsters, and I even got to baby sit bird sit two orphaned hawks until the Fish and Game Department could send someone after them.

It just seems right to add chickens to the mix. Chickens are excellent foragers and not only do they help keep bugs out of your yard, they also give you breakfast! Now, how many animals do that?

My grandfather had this coop moved to the property years ago (when my dad was a small boy - that was a long time ago!). It is sill in fair shape. It has lots of wear, but the chickens don't seem to mind. We are free-ranging them so we can have some of the best eggs around.