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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worm Composting

I hate tossing everything in the trash.  How wasteful is that??  My grandmother had this saying, "Willful wastes make woeful want."  I was an adult when I finally discovered the true meaning of that. Although using a worm composter isn't quite willfully wasting stuff, it does help turn the bad into good.

I have an indoor compost bin that I truly adore (if you can adore something like that.) Worms eat my junk mail, my table scraps (except for oils, meats and dairy) and the stuff I empty from my dust pan after sweeping. When I use my dryer on rainy days, I even feed them my dryer lint. If you're interested, I have the Worm Factory from Cascade Worm Bins.  Currently, this is what I am using, although I do want to venture out into something bigger that can be supported by my family of four.

I harvest the tea for my indoor plants and use the compost in the garden. My worms even eat my scrapbook waste paper!

I usee Uncle Jim's Worm Farm to purchase my starter worms.

I compost with red worms. I prefer buying local, but we don't have any red worm bulk suppliers in my area.

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