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Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't Cut These Apron Strings

If you follow my blog, you probably get an idea that I adore aprons.  I have an earlier post that gives details of National Tie One On Day, which is the day before Thanksgiving.  I've made a few aprons and can't decide which will be the one to give away.  They are all so pretty, I think whomever receives it will be happy to get any of them.

I am not a professional seamstress.   I am learning to sew via YouTube and asking anyone who will listen a whole lot of questions.  Apron kits really appeal to me because I don't have to worry about a pattern or buying and matching materials.  They also seem to be less expensive than buying a pattern plus the material.  Each "kit" can be a different pattern.  I have also started tracing the cut out apron onto paper.  Doing this allows me to make another one by using the first one that I cut out as a pattern (but I still have to buy and match material).

The more I make, the more I learn.  I'm learning to hide some of my seams by not following the directions exactly. 

The very first apron I made, was one I gave to my sister for her birthday.  I didn't have my dress form at the time and my husband refused to let me take a picture of him while he modeled it.  He's a manly man ;)

Here's what it (mostly) looked like.  The printing at the top was a little off, so the collar didn't quite look like a collar.  Nonetheless, it was still pretty.  The flounce at the bottom gave it feminine details that I like.

Domestic Diva by Daily Kingdom
Then, I made this one.  I ended up giving it to a friend of mine who just raved at how pretty it was.  I would like to make another to wear for myself, if I can find another kit.  Apparently, this one is discontinued.  Sometimes the joy we bring to others outweighs discontinued items.

Domestic Diva by Daily Kingdom

If you want to start simple (like no flounce to frustrate you), this next apron is what I would recommend.  I love Emily Taylor designs.  The fabric colors are beautiful.

On this one, I folded the ties in half before I sewed them, as the directions stated.  It made them small, so I decided to try a little something different on the second one.

Verona by Emily Taylor Designs
 On the teal apron, I just sewed a hem around the ties, leaving them wide.  The back of the ties are not printed, so I had to fold it pretty to make sure it didn't show in the photo, but I like them wider.
Teal Verona by Emily Taylor Designs
I am not sure who makes this apron.  I purchased it from a shop on Etsy.  It came with a liner for just the top.  I think it looks more like a dress instead of an apron.  It is too cute, but if you wear it as a dress, you'd need to back out of the room ;) I think a hospital johnny would cover up more ;)

Hospital Johnny
Yeah, I think I'm right.

I got a little creative with this one.  I used my rolled hem foot to hem the edges of the bottom and sides (below the ties), which stretched the fabric just a little and gave it some ruffle (only a wee little bit).  It isn't a whole lot at all.  Maybe ruffle isn't the word.  Hrmmm.  That is debatable.  I also decided to line the top with a little muslin.  It is above the waist.   To do that, I used the cut out fabric for the apron as a pattern and just cut it straight across at the waist, just below where the ties go.  I finished the bottom edge of the liner with the rolled hem presser foot (I am getting a 1/4" presser foot the next time I see one).  I then put the two right sides together and sewed around the top of the apron, leaving gaps where the ties go (neck and waist).  I then folded in the seams in the gaps and inserted the finished ties.  I then top stitched around the edges to finish and hold in the straps.  VOILA!
Daisy Kingdom by Springs Creative
If you look closely at the bottom, you can see how the edge flounces just a little due to using the rolled hem foot.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these kits online, I have learned that you have to search several things.  Try these search words:
Fabric Apron Panel
Apron Craft kit
Apron Kit
Cut and Sew Apron Kit

Please let me know what you find and what works for you.  I love to hear from you!

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