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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snapazoo - How cool!

I just ordered 100 KAM snaps and the snap tool.  I've been using metal snaps (the kind with metal prongs that bend into the snap to secure it to the fabric) and I absolutely hate the pliers that came with them to put them together.  I have tried to set them using my Crop-a-dile, which only sets the female (receiving) end.  It works really well for that.  The male end requires me to use the tool that looks like pliers because of the prong that sticks up.  I have been tempted to drill a hole in the flat block of my Crop-a-dile (Yikes!).

While searching for snaps and alternative tools, I came across this cool little toy made from material and, you guessed it, snaps.  Apparently, you can make an entire zoo out of one toy.  I can see this being handy on a road trip.  I think older children would like to use it for the challenge and young children could use it for dexterity training.

Apparently, it isn't sold anymore, but there is a tutorial on how to make it.   It looks easy enough to sew, but getting all the snaps, male side v. female side, in the right order might just make me cross-eyed!  I do think this is awesome and if I try it, I will post pictures.  If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

Follow this link to see a cool tutorial on the Snapazoo toy. 

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