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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stop Facebook Game Requests

I see ill comments coming across my Facebook news feed all the time, made by friends who are fed up with game request notifications and the constant flashing lights on their phones. I admit it, I play Candy Crush, but I too hate the game requests that blow up my phone.

People who play games will get game requests in-app, so this feature is really useless to the player, unless they are waiting on something (like in-game help) or want to try new games and like to know what their friends are playing.  Notifications are not for everyone, including me.

Yesterday, I discovered, while I was driving and my daughter and her boyfriend were sitting in the car with me, I was sending game requests to them! I had not played yesterday and I certainly didn't send it while driving!

For some reason, the game requests must send automatically and if you don't want them, don't get upset with your Facebook friends, simply turn the game requests off.

Here's how...

You must use a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) on a phone/tablet/computer to do this.
It will not work with the FB app.

1) Find the drop down menu on the top right of the screen, click or tap it, then choose settings.

2) On the left side of the screen, find and click/tap notifications

3) Under App requests and activity, you will see check marks beside the games you are getting requests from.  Uncheck the ones you don't want.  You may have to choose Show More to get them all while you are here.

Viola! Done... No more requests... unless it is some new game your friend is playing and it wasn't listed here and Facebook wants to blow your phone up again. :) In that case, repeat steps 1-3 and get those new ones out of there.

Here's my disclaimer: Facebook changes things all the time, so please disable your game requests before this tutorial becomes obsolete.

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