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Monday, January 6, 2014

More Mug Rug Ideas

If you read my last post on Mug Rugs - A Picture Tutorial, you may be interested in seeing some more I completed for Christmas gifts.  If you haven't read it, you're missing out :) I go step by step in the making of your very own mug rug.

Most of the designs are posted to my Mug Rug board on Pinterest.  It should link back to the original web page.  If it doesn't and you are the owner of the page, please let me know so I can link it to you.

It is really easy to take any clip art and use freezer paper to turn it into a design for your own mug rug.

I'd love to see designs you have made!

I am a scrapaholic and I love fat quarters.  I have so many little pieces of fabric, this is a great way to put them to good use.  If you follow my posts, you will notice the same fabrics in several of my pieces.

I made this one for my sister-in-law.  She like polka dots as much as I do and I loved the whimsy little design.

Kissing Birds
Yes, my ironing board is stained (*shamefully hanging head).  Don't look at that :)  I have washed and washed and it will not come out.  I can't find a replacement that fits and I would rather sew for my friends than spend time making a new one.

The apples I designed myself using free clip art from a Google search and customizing the bite mark myself.  My mom (loves apples and burlap) got the apple and burlap and my sister (a school teacher) got the polka dot apple.

 A friend that likes chickens got this one.  It was fun to make, but very time consuming due to the feathers in the applique design.
Another friend got this one.  She LOVES the beach.  It was a design posted to Flickr and I changed it a wee bit.  You can tell I use the same scraps because one of my ocean waves is the same as the bird above. :)
I loved the hen so much I had to make another one.  This is going to another one of my "country" friends.  I think the hay just makes it.
Do the fabrics look familiar by now?
 I think this owl turned out nice.  I ended up making the black part of the eyes with an eyelet stitch with my sewing machine.
 I did one that was a bass jumping to catch a fly (the fishing kind) and I don't think I took a picture of it (gasp!).  If I find it, or can get the person who has it to take a picture of it, I will definitely post it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these designs.  They were all really fun to make!

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